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Liverpool is a tourist city. Here, you can see many architectural monuments, learn the history of Liverpool and visit museums, interesting locations and objects. In this article, we will tell you about the Walker Art Gallery, which has been inviting visitors for several decades. Learn more about the history of its creation at

Creation of an art gallery. How did the story begin?

The gallery officially opened its doors to visitors in September 1877. However, its collections began to be assembled much earlier. Back in 1819, the Liverpool Royal Institute purchased 37 paintings from the banker William Roscoe. By the way, the latter was going through a hard period at that time, so he was forced to sell his collection. All purchased paintings were stored in a separate room for more than a decade. Only in 1850, people started to consider creating an art library and museum. Ten years later, the William Brown Library and Museum was opened in the city of Liverpool. So, who was William Brown, after whom the institution was named? He was a Liverpool businessman who financially contributed to the creation of the city’s library, museum and art gallery.

Eleven years after the creation of the library, the first exhibition was opened in Liverpool. Exhibits were shown in the library and museum. The gallery began to grow gradually.

Development of the art gallery

The art gallery began to function in a new building, which represented the late British Classicism style. The gallery was named after the head of the city, Andrew Walker.

During the Second World War, the gallery was forced to close and the paintings were taken to a safer place. After the war, the building was reconstructed. Subsequently, the gallery was renovated again in 1951 and 2002.

What is known about Andrew Walker?

The famous art gallery in Liverpool was named after Andrew Walker. But what was this man known for? Walker was a brewer and Liverpool Councillor. He was born into the family of a brewer, so logically, after the death of his father, he took over the family business. Walker began developing it actively and created the Walkers of Warrington company. In addition to entrepreneurial activities, Andrew Walker was a judicial officer for the county of Ayrshire, Deputy Lieutenant of the county of Lancashire and elected Lord Mayor of Liverpool.

Andrew Walker built the art gallery in Liverpool and donated it to the city. In 1877, Walker was knighted for it.

It should be noted that Walker was also a great yachtsman. Together with his son, he owned several yachts. Two of them were named Ailsa and Cuhona. Those yachts appeared at races and won honourable places.

The Walker Art Gallery is an important landmark in Liverpool. It occupies an important place in the museum system of the city and country in general. After all, the Walker Gallery acquired national status as part of the National Museums and Galleries on Merseyside. The gallery is funded by the capital’s government. It should be noted that you will not find works of modern art in the gallery. The institution presents the paintings of Dutch artists from the 13th to the 16th century. You can also enjoy the art of foreign artists who worked in Great Britain.

This is the story of the famous art gallery in Liverpool, which is undoubtedly considered a tourist magnet of the city. We hope that the article was informative and you learned new information about Liverpool.

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