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Mando Group is a Liverpool-based company that specialises in developing software and digital solutions for various sectors including finance, tourism, telecommunications and others. It is, so to speak, transforming the digital experience in Great Britain and other countries of the planet. How does the company position itself and what does it say about its mission and values? Learn more at

What does the company say about itself?

The company says that technology should be simple for both users of your digital platforms and your own teams. In fact, it makes life easier for those who run a business related to IT. Mando Group helps to achieve a high level of digital technologies, as well as advises, supports and develops.

This is especially important for digital infrastructure in such spheres as utilities and financial services, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and education. The basic principle of Mando Group Ltd’s activity is understanding the psychology of people and their needs. The head office, located in the centre of Liverpool, is a busy place, which brings together talented, tech-savvy and creative professionals. All their skills are directed primarily to give the company’s customers an advantage over their competitors. At the same time, the company cooperates with reliable suppliers who are able to solve difficult tasks thanks to their extensive experience.

Mando Group Limited was incorporated in Liverpool, Merseyside, on 11 March 2002. The management consists of at least three Directors and one Secretary.

Purpose, mission and values

Mando’s ultimate goal is to make information technology work for everyone. Therefore, according to the company’s managers, they should be simple. They cooperate with both British and global enterprises. The experience of Mando’s employees covers the leading DXP platforms, including Optimizely, Sitecore, Umbraco and Squiz. It ensures perfect integration into a wide range of systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce CRM, as well as Azure and AWS cloud platforms.

Mando Group’s mission is to solve the complex problems of ambitious digital leaders so they can move faster, serve better and spend less.

Some of the main features of the Mando team members are

  • Passion. It means that the company tries to solve any of its tasks purposefully and persistently. Also, the team never gives up on challenges, even when the task is more difficult than usual.
  • Focus on development. You can’t stand still in the sphere of digital technology. It is necessary to constantly look for new solutions in order to cope with tasks even more efficiently. The company’s employees are creative thinkers who look for new opportunities, show initiative and aren’t afraid to take risks.
  • Modesty and openness to feedback. Adherence to the company’s high standards doesn’t exclude the possibility of errors. In this case, the company is grateful for customers’ feedback and takes the necessary measures, humbly admitting mistakes and resolutely correcting them.

And finally, some examples of the company’s cooperation are

  • Christians Against Poverty. This organisation fights poverty in Great Britain by cooperating with various Christian denominations. They encounter many problems on the way to this goal, including inefficient processes and organisational complexity. Mando helps to solve these problems.
  • TalkTalk Business. Mando Group helped this company to speed up order processing time by 400%. To do it, they changed the design of the company’s online ordering portal.
  • The British Red Cross (BRC). Their story platform wasn’t integrated with the main site. Mando specialists helped with the creation of a modular website using Sitecore.

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