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Liverpool is famous for its rich history and cultural heritage, but now it is also making progress in the field of information technology. The noticeable growth of this sector is changing the face of the city and attracting attention to its largest IT companies, centres of technological innovation and start-up projects. At, we highlight the most powerful local players in this market, their role in the development of the city and their contribution to the technological future.


This software development company has more than 20 years of experience. Vention provides innovative services to start-ups and large enterprises. It takes on projects of any complexity and scale, offering quality solutions that help its clients scale their business. The company has more than 3,000 developers, many of whom work remotely from different parts of the world. Thus, the company can provide its customers with engineering services at any time of the day.

Innove Solutions

Innove Solutions is a software development company based in Liverpool. It develops websites, mobile applications, rating and e-commerce systems, databases and more. The company is ready to create software, taking into account any individual wishes of the client.

Imaginary Cloud

This company specialises in the development of software, web applications and mobile applications. It made Liverpool famous not only for its great historical and cultural heritage but also for innovation. The company also received several awards, such as UK TOP B2B Company in 2021 and 2022 and Europe Best Workplace in 2022.

Founded in 2010, Imaginary Cloud is known for its expertise in UX/UI design, user interface development and software development based on the latest technologies. The company develops solutions for both start-ups and large enterprises in various industries, such as financial, electronic, trade, etc. In addition, those technologies can be scaled.

The development processes created by Imaginary Cloud specialists ensure reliable, user-centric solutions that facilitate the seamless digital transformation of enterprises and expanding companies. This is what is commonly called seamless technology.

Imaginary Cloud is also important to the local tech ecosystem as it is actively involved in local initiatives, collaborating with other community members in Liverpool. According to customers’ feedback, the team adapts to the client’s needs, is flexible and easy to cooperate with.


The Cleveroad company develops custom apps. It has been helping clients from all over the world achieve their goals since 2011. Multi-industry expertise and a customer-centric approach help Cleveroad’s customers get the digital products that best suit their needs.

Village Software Engineering Limited

Village Software Engineering played a key role in Liverpool’s IT market since it was founded in 1986. It is not just a team of professionals in development, management and operations but also a close-knit community that enjoys working together. The talented developers at Village Software Engineering Limited take pride in the results of their work and this feeling is transmitted to their customers.

Bespoke Software Development

The company’s specialists design, develop and supply smart high-tech software solutions on request of small and medium-sized businesses. Their clients are enterprises and financial start-ups. The company uses Microsoft and Javascript technologies. The team consists of 200 experienced software developers and has won more than 200 awards.


Digica is an independent data science and AI company. These IT trends apply to customers’ systems and products. The team has its own research programme, so the company ensures that it applies the best available approach in each situation. Also, many customers like the fact that Digica specialists have excellent experience in image processing. The firm’s competence covers the areas of large language models and audio analysis.

VTS Software

VTS Software is a software development company founded in 2007. It offers custom software development services, such as mobile and desktop applications as well as enterprise-level business intelligence solutions. The main (but not the only) field of their activity is Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).


Although the company’s head office is located in Australia, Appello also has a presence in Liverpool and occupies a very important place in the local IT industry. It is a full-service software development firm. It uses such frameworks as .NET, CakePHP, Ruby on Rails, etc. Appello’s specialists serve many industries, including healthcare, education, fin-tech and more. The company’s track record includes more than a hundred successful projects.


Liverpool’s Yozu company develops systems and applications that solve business tasks and transform business structures in three key areas: capabilities, profitability and efficiency. First, the specialists study the business of their clients, discuss their requirements and then focus on developing web and mobile applications as well as services that meet these requirements.


This company deserves praise at least for the most positive customer reviews. Wozify’s mission is to help high-tech companies create the most exciting products. The founder of the company has vast experience in the world of start-ups, so he surely understands their goals and requirements, as well as the best standards.

Maxweb Solutions

The scope of Maxweb Solutions competence includes web design, graphic design, contextual advertising and organic SEO. The company’s specialists can create applications for any company or individual. Its representatives claim that they combine high professionalism with affordable prices, that is, with the optimal ratio of quality and cost. A wide selection of designs and individual solutions for any budget is also mentioned among the company’s advantages.

DCSL Software

DCSL Software is an award-winning company, which was founded in 1994. It creates and maintains custom business software systems and applications across the UK. It is also one of the UK’s most trusted custom software development consultancies. The firm specialises in helping its clients build performance-enhancing software, as well as products and applications for resale on a subscription basis.

Starlink Global

Based in Liverpool, Starlink Global helps identify technological barriers to profitable business. It is a certified Microsoft Gold partner, accredited according to ISO 9001/27001 standards.

In addition, Starlink Global is officially recognised as one of the best British software consulting companies. It uses its own proven software development processes to implement successful projects.

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